Stattwerk is an architecture firm founded in 2007 in Stuttgart, Germany. It opened its first office in Belgrade in 2016.

Our team consists of architects, engineers, 3D designers and other experts from the creative industries field. Our projects include creative adaptation, reconstruction and revitalization of residential, office and industrial space. Each of our projects goes through a phase of long-term and complex urban planning.

Our objective is to design and build architectural units whose interiors are redefined in accordance with the principles of participatory architecture, that takes care of people’s wishes and needs. Preserving the existing architectural context of the project, in order to organically fit into its urban environment is equally important to us.

Our goal is to offer a different, greener vision of working and living space, as well as of urban city planning.

We want each of our projects to be thoroughly ecological and to contribute to raising environmental awareness of people and local communities.

The latest venture of the Stattwerk creative team is rebuilding and re-purposing of the former Beobanka Building on Zeleni Venac Street, in Belgrade city center.


The mission of the Stattwerk creative team is ecological adaptation, reconstruction and revitalization of existing buildings in Belgrade and Serbia in order to build architectural projects based on the principles of sustainable and green architecture, using the latest environmentally friendly materials and technologies.


The Stattwerk team aims to contribute to a greener and healthier environment, and to improve the quality of life in urban areas.

We want to encourage the development of Serbian eco-industry and make room for companies that adhere to the sustainable development principles to enter the Serbian market. Our goal is to position Serbia as an eco-center of this part of Europe - together.



18 Zeleni Venac Street

11 000 Belgrade



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